Lace Dresses From My Little Legs

This winter seems to have left its mark across the US! I am not sure if I remember a winter longer than this one. The kids seem to have been in puff jackets and sweat pants for 13 months straight! However, there is finally an end in sight. In the past few weeks the weather here in California has been nice enough to break out My Little Legs’ newest product, lace dresses. They are practical enough for my daughter to wear to school and fancy enough to wear to a nice party, and in either case these adorable dresses are sure to maker her the center of attention (as she demands). One of our friends saw her in the dress and thought they were so cute that she was going to use them for the flower girls in her wedding. What a great idea! Even just to wear to a wedding is a great idea.

Hot Pink and Turquoise Lace Dresses

My daughters favorite dress is the vintage rose print. The rose print on the top is such a fashion trend this season. When she is not wearing that, you’ll find her in the hot pink and turquoise. It’s bright. It’s fun. It reminds me of spring! I can’t want to get more styles and colors! 

Little League Baseball Outfits!

Kids Crochet Baseball Hat

Its baseball season!!! That means baseball games, hot dogs, and cheering on siblings…while decked out in My Little Legs team apparel of course! My son just started his third season of Little League in Nor Cal, and if I have learned one thing: these moms take their baseball seriously! And I am ashamed to say have I joined in with bedazzled hats, baseball mom shirts, and “My Son is a Super Genius Baseball Player” bumper stickers.

Each baseball Saturday is a family event. We attend every game with my 2 younger children in tow. My 2 year old son is the honorary team mascot. He wears the My Little Legs baseball crochet hat and the baseball leg warmers. (It’s still a bit chilly around here so the are functional as well as fashionable!) The hat gets him so much attention. It looks just like a baseball. Our team is the “Cubs” so my daughter wears the red and blue team stripe leg warmers, a Cubs t-shirt and the My Little Legs korker hair ties in red white and blue. Thanks to My Little Legs we might be the best looking fans in the stands! 

Cute Baby Outfits for Spring 2013

We just wrapped up our Spring photo shoot. We spent two amazing days with our fabulous photographer and some pint-sized models, all in preparation for our Spring line release. I can’t not even begin to describe how excited I am to release the spring collection to our retailers. It offers a wide variety of fun, fancy and funky. We started the photo shoot at a beautiful park on Miami’s South Beach with 5 adorable toddlers. Each little girl modeled one of our new lace dresses. The highlight of the day was seeing five little girls, who just met for the first time, walking hand-in-hand down the causeway. Picture perfect, to say the least. The girls then modeled our new footless tights. I have to say the tie dyed purple tights are just too cute for words. image Day two of the spring photo shoot was all studio. All baby. All fun. The highlight of the studio shoot was our new diaper covers. My Little Legs will have an entire new diaper cover selection this sprint. We are working hard to coordinate the diaper covers with our other products as well. One of our favorite outfits was a strawberry diaper cover, strawberry leg warmers, and a strawberry hat. Deliciously cute!! And that’s just the beginning. The icing on our photo shoot cake was our teeny, tiny newborn model. She was a real gem and tolerated several outfit changes as we have added several newborn styles to our Spring collection.Purple Double Ruffles, Little Sister, and Addy’s Garden. (PLUS, newborn football leg warmers for your newest team member.) So two action packed days, 20 pint-sized models, and 42 outfit changes later, we are counting down the days until we can share all these great photos with you!

Swaddle Blanket Bliss!

With my first child (also known as my practice child) I purchased a gazillion swaddle blankets. I was a new mom and on a budget so I got the stereotypical swaddle blankets you get from Wal-Mart (in my case yard sales). As you probably know these blankets are irregularly shaped and small. Most of these swaddle blankets only lasted a couple months. Not because of the poor quality, but because by a few months old it was not big enough to swaddle my baby.

Cotton Swaddle Blanket Baby

When my second child came along and I decide to make my own swaddle blanket by sewing and super gluing 4 of my yard-sale swaddle blankets into one LARGE blanket. Luckily, before I embarked on this crafty adventure a friend suggested I try muslin swaddle blankets. So I started doing my research, best price, best size, best quality. I was excited to find that Target sells these in two different brands, one high-end and one low-end. Big Fail. The high-end one was too expensive; it was not ideal in size. The low-end brand was quality and still too small. GRRRRR. So it was back to sewing and super glue. While browsing Pinterest one night, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across My Little Legs muslin swaddle blankets. I was already familiar with their fun cute leg warmers and baby accessories. Their quality and pricing is always so fabulous so I thought I would purchase a set and give them a try. 

They have three different color combinations to choose from and I really, really liked the hot pink and lime. When it arrived, I crossed my fingers, said a prayer to the blanket gods, and opened the cute, cute, cute, box and started my evaluation. Size.perfect! 45”x 45”, big enough to last a long time. Texture.perfect! Very soft. The price.VERY reasonable! I have finally achieved blanket bliss.

2 Pack Swaddle Blankets Affordable

Now that I am not trying to sew blankets together, I am busy looking for myself in People magazine. I am sure they are going to feature a photo of me and my precious bundle of joy using these blankets.they are just that good!  

When My Daughter’s Wardrobe Became Pink & Pink

After having 2 sons, I have to admit I was really excited to welcome a little girl into our family! I couldn’t wait to dress her in everything pink and frilly! Four years in, I have become the victim of my own fashion foolishness. For 2 years, I dressed her in the girliest clothes I could find and oogled over her; “Oh you look so pretty!” “Oh you are so beautiful!” “I love you in pink.” And she loved every second of it.really, who doesn’t like a little confidence boost every 13 seconds! Plus, the fact that she had no hair meant that if I didn’t dress her all sparkly and girly she would be mistaken for a boy.

Baby Hats and Accessories - Owl Hat

Now she is at the age where she dresses herself and I have little say in what she wears. I am secretly trying to transition her to the more urban/grunge style but that isn’t happening, EVER! She likes her girly fashion so much so that she will not be friends with anyone dresses outside her “approved” color list, pink and purple. I was mortified last week when a little girl came up to her to play at the park and she looked at me, waved her finger at the girl and said “Mom, I don’t like anything that girl is wearing”. OMG, I created this little fashion diva!

Once we got home, I gave her my best “you don’t chose your friends by the clothes on their back” lecture. Later that evening, we decided to do some online shopping for winter accessories, since our trip to the park reminded me that chilly weather is just around the corner. Our hunt for hats was a bit of a challenge until I stumbled across My Little Legs. We found THE CUTEST pink owl earflap hats from My Little Legs and the cutest footless tights. The footless tights are perfect for wearing with skirts and tutu’s and coordinate well with a lot of her clothing. I even convinced her to get the black & white stripe footless tights to start my secret transition to urban/grunge! The pink owl hat is a perfect match to the retro polka dot footless tights. I just love all the polka dot colors. They are bright and fun and go well with a lot of her outfits! So yes, I am an enabler, but I (I mean she) couldn’t resist.

Amazing Halloween Costumes For Kids!

It is never too early to be thinking Halloween! Silly, I know, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! It is my favorite holiday, by far. I love it even more now that I am a mom. Of course it would be easy to pop into my local superstore, grab a $19.99 ninja costume and call it a day, but where is the fun in that? (Plus, those cheap costumes usually rip before you can even get out of the house.) Everyone with kids knows that the costume is usually worn around the house (especially if its a superhero costume) several days, maybe even weeks, before Halloween. So I nixed the cheap-store-costume idea right from the beginning.


I really enjoy being creative with our costumes, plus I am an obsessive attention seeker when it comes to my kids’ wardrobes. (My wardrobe?? Complete opposite.) My creativity usually leads to using things from around the house and my local craft store to create cute, one of a kind Halloween costumes.

Today I got an email from my favorite children’s accessory store, My Little Legs. They have (already) released their fall collection, aka HALLOWEEN GOODIES! SCORE! In the past, I have shopped at their online store for items to wear during the month of October…mostly stuff to pair with Halloween shirts. While browsing their site, I was surprised to find that they had adorable photos of kids wearing Halloween costumes that included their Halloween themed leg warmers. They were no cheapo superstore costumes either. They were creative, well thought out, durable costumes! I was thinking to myself, “I sure wish they told me how to make that cute costume.” Imagine my excitement when I saw the “Click Here for Costume Directions” button!!! EEEEK! What a great idea.

So I clicked on the clown directions (it was too cute to pass up.) The page pictured an adorable clown wearing lots of My Little legs products, a cute little hat, a red nose, and suspenders. The best part was that they included links to where I could purchase everything plus tips on how to put it all together.

Kudos to My Little Legs! You don’t see too many clothing stores telling you where to purchase other items. I can’t wait to dress my little one up in this great clown costume. Thanks My Little Legs!

Click here if you want to see the kids’ Halloween costume collection at My Little Legs.

Those Baby Socks Cost What???

I am not a sock person. Personally, I would live in flip-flops if I could. During the winter, you are likely to see me walking through the snow in flip-flops. I’ve never been keen on socks, I put them on to work out, but otherwise I prefer naked and care free. (No worries, we are still talking feet here.)


However, when it comes to baby socks, I am IN LOVE! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE baby socks. Especially the ones that have Mary Janes or sneakers printed on them. Perfect! Socks and shoes in one. What a brilliant idea.

When I was pregnant my friends’ babies were wearing super adorable, fashionable, make you want to squeal with excitement socks all the time. The ones you get at a baby shower and everyone simultaneously gives you that drawn out “aaaaawwwwwweeeeee”. I couldn’t wait for my baby shower so I could have some too!

Unfortunately, I did not get any super adorable, fashionable, make you want to squeal with excitement socks at my baby shower. Instead I opened about 3,000 diapers and 8,000 onesies. (Well not really, but almost.)

Post-baby shower, I was on a mission to find cute Mary Jane print socks. My first go at it led me to the ever so popular name brand (guess and insert brand name here). I was shocked to discover that a set of their socks was more expensive than my entire outfit. (Not exaggerating!)

So I started thinking, maybe I could get fabric paint and plain white socks and make my own Mary Janes, but at 8 months pregnant I was really lacking motivation! I was just about to give up on super adorable, fashionable, make you want to squeal with excitement socks when a friend suggested I follow “MY LITTLE LEGS” on Facebook because they recently added socks to their website and they are always offering deals on new products.

I checked out their Facebook page and saw the photo of their socks … adorable. Then I saw the price, BINGO! Finally, a store that speaks my language. Although they only have three sets of prints (wish they had some more) I was able to get them for $1.50 a pair with their “Buy More, Save More” special. My socks arrive in only three days and are totally adorable. I couldn’t be happier. Guess, I will save the puffy paint for another day!

Click here to visit My Little Legs and see the whole selection of baby/toddlers’ clothing and accessories.

We are the ultimate bargain hunters (for small accessories like baby leg warmers, baby rompers, baby hats)  so we decided to bring our great finds to other moms.  We offer trendy, practical products at affordable prices. My Little Legs, specializing in all things little.